Russian national debt has exceeded 20 trillion rubles

Russian national debt has exceeded 20 Trillion rubles

As of July 1, it amounted to 17% of GDP.

According to the analytical note of the Accounting Chamber of Russia, it became known that the country's national debt on July 1 exceeded the threshold of 20 trillion rubles.

Like RIA & # 8220; Novosti & # 8221; clarifies; referring to the document, from january to june the debt increased by 1.48 trillion (7.8%), so that on the first day of the second half of the year it is estimated at 20,423 trillion, or 17, 7% of GDP, which had previously been predicted by analysts.

The document indicates that the domestic debt represents 16,200 billion dollars, an additional 506 billion was spent on debt service, while 434.5 billion dollars for the domestic debt.

According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov, in the next few years the debt will be around 18 & # 8211; 20% of gross national product against a background of declining borrowing level compared to last year.

Recall that in 2020, the national debt will rise amounted to 18.99 trillion rubles, in 2019 & # 8211; 5.4 trillion less.

Moreover, in the period from mid-2019 to July 2020, Russia's so-called net debt reached negative values ​​thanks to government reserves . But the decline in oil growth and the pandemic crisis have worsened the situation.

Earlier, as Topnews wrote, Bloomberg suggested that new US and UK sanctions against the Russian Federation could affect the oligarchs and national debt.


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