Russian prisoners sent to construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region

Russian prisoners were sent to construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region

Already a thousand and a half people are working on construction sites in the capital.

An experiment on the participation of prisoners in the construction of large facilities began in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who spoke about the experience, said it had been quite successful

In an interview with RBC, Khusnullin said 1,500 people have been sent to construction sites. In the future, prisoners could be involved in the construction of the Russian Railways Eastern Test Site.

We know that prisoners of Russian colonies participate voluntarily in the work on construction sites.

“I believe it will be a plus for them, that they will be in conditions not of imprisonment, but of work”, & # 8211; Khusnullin spoke.

The Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the prisoners will receive salaries.

Earlier, the FSIN counted the number of convicts authorized to serve their sentence. forced labor sentences. These are 188,000 people (in total, almost half a million people have been convicted in Russia).

Prisoners were to be sent to institutions that lost their workforce due to lack of migrants in the event of a pandemic.

As I wrote to Topnews previously, the FSIN had to come up with excuses for the high salaries of Russian prisoners.

According to department statistics, there are prisoners in the Belgorod region who receive 224,000 rubles per month.


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