Russian taxi drivers union warned of 'market collapse'

Union of the Russians taxi drivers warned of 'market collapse' /> </p>
<p> Experts blame new driver registration system. </p>
<p> Interregional union & # 8220; Taxi driver & # 39; # 8221; warned the Moscow authorities that the planned introduction of KIS & # 8220; Art & # 8221; (Global Information System “Analytics of taxi operation”) in the city and region is capable to cause a & # 8220; market collapse & # 8221;. </p>
<p>It is known that the organization consists of two thousand drivers and taxi companies. </p>
<p> According to Forbes, a letter about this was sent to Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustine, Roskonadzor chief Andrei Lipov and Transport Ministry Vitaly Savelyev, as well as Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, head of the Yaroslav Shcherbinin union. </p>
<p>The KIS will have to monitor the work of the taxi drivers, their observance of rest schedules, regular medical examinations, administrative formalities, payment of fines and no convictions for serious crimes. </p>
<p> Those who ignore CIS checks will not be allowed to work in the capital and Moscow region from August 1, the aggregators. </p>
<p>According to Sherbinin and union experts, taxi companies will need significant financial investment and there will be fewer drivers. Not everyone will be able to overcome the difficulties and barriers of registering in CIS. Finally, due to the revision of the work schedule of the drivers, their income will drop. </p>
<p> The union proposes not to introduce the system without testing its work in pilot mode. This will allow market players to gradually connect to the CIS. </p>
<p> Also & # 8220; Taxi driver & # 8221; proposes as a first step to freeze the system of sanctions in the event of “incorrect” data transfer to the CIS. </p>
<p> At the same time, the media reports that the system will be launched in 10 days, but many taxi drivers have not yet been able to connect to the CIS, although they try to do this for two consecutive weeks. </p>
<p> Earlier, Topnews wrote that artists Nikolai Baskov and Igor Matvienko reported that many colleagues and attendees of the entertainment market left by taxi during the pandemic. </p>
<p> So they reacted to the cancellation of mass events which caused serious financial losses. </p>
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