Russians have been warned about falling prices for clothes and shoes

price drop for clothing and footwear

RBC referred to the gloomy predictions of experts.

Retailers in chain stores in the Russian Federation are reporting a likely increase in prices for clothing and footwear, which could occur this fall and next winter. The minimum price increase will be 10%.

According to RBC, after interviewing experts, the maximum price increase will be 15%. This is the opinion of the head of the Baon Network, Ilya Yaroshenko. Another expert, the boss of Gloria Jeans, Vladimir Melnikov, predicts a rise in prices from 2022 to 18 & # 8211; 20%.

All retailers believe that price increases are inevitable due to the rising cost of logistics and raw materials. So, the founder and one of the owners of the Zenden Group, Andrey Pavlov, said that, according to his calculations, only supplies from Asia (China) to Europe at a price multiplied by 5 to 6.

As for the increase in the cost of raw materials, since January of this year, the price of cotton has increased by 35%. Melnikov clarified that the cost of things in the manufacture of which petroleum products are used has increased.

The publication reports that the spending of Russians on the minimum whole school set also increased by 13%, in mid-July it is estimated at 12,900 rubles.

On average, the price of a student's ready-made set (pencils, pens, office supplies) has increased by 6% since the start of the year and costs 690 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Moscow is threatened not only by rising food prices, but also by a shortage of goods.


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