Tax authorities will start checking Russians' bank cards from July 1

Tax officials will start checking Russians' bank cards from July 1

It will be necessary to prove that the funds received are not income.

In Russia, on July 1 will begin the implementation of the People – New Oil project, in which the tax service will check the bank cards of Russians.

From July 1, the tax control of the receipt of funds on the cards will begin.

According to political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov, in an interview with Rosbalt, according to the amendments to the Tax Code, all banks will provide the tax authorities with data on the movement of money in the accounts and cards of citizens.

At the request of the law, the tax service can request from banking institutions in Russia, statements on all monetary transactions of natural and legal persons, certificates of accounts, deposits, certificates of electronic money transactions .

Banks have three days to do this after the request of the Federal Tax Service.

Citizens will have to explain where the financial resources came from.

Thus, if the tax authorities are unable to source income from financial resources, they will consider the profit, which should be taxed. If a person does not prove that the funds received are not income, then they will have to pay a 20% fine, as well as a penalty.

Experts are convinced that in this way the Russians will be able to get used to the tax liability. The same is happening in the United States, where large purchases are monitored and compared to the incomes of citizens.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Sberbank spoke of a citizen Russian who gave 400 million rubles from his accounts to crooks.

The abusers arrived at her home and managed to convince her that the money was worth “saving”.


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