The Central Bank has proposed a total ban on cryptocurrencies in Russia

The Central Bank proposed a total ban on Russian cryptocurrencies

The regulator makes many arguments in favor of a total ban on all operations with this type of financing for Russians.

The Central Bank of Russia has proposed a total ban in Russia on the issuance, mining and circulation of cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, the authors of the initiative propose to introduce liability for violation of the ban.

Risk is indicated as a reason for the threats associated with the spread of this type of money, including the financial “bubble”, which may occur in the local market.

< p>The report “Cryptocurrencies: Trends, Risks, Measures” published by the Central Bank indicates that private investors risk losing their investments completely by investing in cryptocurrencies, the rate of which depends on public recognition and the chances of using them in various transactions. , including those that violate the law.

“Growth in the cryptocurrency market largely reflects the formation of a bubble in the market,” Central Bank analysts said.

The same ban, in their opinion, should be imposed on financial operations with cryptocurrency for organizations of the sphere, as well as its use in financial instruments, the participation of Russian intermediaries in them and, in general , any participation of the internal market in such monetary circulation.

As an opportunity for such a decision, the Central Bank reminded that Russia came third in terms of the capacities used for mining, their share is 11% of the total world resource. Further growth can disrupt the work of other companies, because. the amount of energy consumed will also increase.

Thus, analysts reminded the Irkutsk region with its electricity consumption almost doubling (1.6 times) against the background lowest rates for residents.

As a result, last year the number of citizens whose expenditure increased by 62% electricity increased by 13 times more than the usual size. Judging by the data on their personal accounts, it is these consumers who consume 25% of all electricity in the region.

Also, cryptocurrencies are not provided in the countries for national regulations, which is also a reason for their ban, the Central Bank believes.


Kremlin Chairman Dmitry Peskov also expressed his opinion on the ;proposed ban.

He said that this issue is not the prerogative of the presidential administration, thus referring journalists to the relevant departments, which should analyze this issue.< /p>

On the eve of the Central Bank's statement, Bloomberg claimed that the Bank of Russia's decision was influenced by FSB arguments.

As Topnews reported; wrote earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation announced the rules for the arrest and confiscation of cryptocurrencies. ies of the Russians.



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