The expert revealed the legal scheme of “repurchase of seniority” for retirement

An expert has revealed a legal device for

Future retirees should hurry, says the economist.

Associate professor of the department of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Human Resources Management”, scientist-economist Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets told the media how to “buy more; experience”. 8221; those who do not have enough pension and seniority points to apply for an old-age pension.

Remember that the law imposes the respect of several conditions: reaching a certain age, seniority and coefficients. But those who have worked for gray wages without paying social security contributions face difficulties applying for a social pension.

In an interview with “Prime” Shvets said the topic is also important for those who have to think about retirement on their own, namely for self-employed Russians.

According to her, until 2024 there is a transition period in Russia, so each of these years has by their experience and points in the conditions.

After 2024, Russians will need #39;at least 15 years and 30 points to retire.

By law, “purchase” you can experiment at 50% – 7.5 years. To do this, you need to write to the FIU, conclude an agreement and transfer at least 36,669.6 rubles in 2022. For independent citizens, the amount is constant – it's 34,445 rubles.

“Such an amount will add 1 year of experience and 1,076 points, explained Shvets.

according to the economist, at the last moment in “jump on the bandwagon” fail. It is necessary to take care of the pension in advance. Thus, 12 months before retirement and with a shortfall, for example, of two years, the future retiree will not have time to pay the full amount.

The problem is that the points pensions are accumulated for one year, so you will have to work another 12 months to become a pensioner.

Russians can also get the maximum number of points: for this you need to deposit 293,356.8 rubles and get 8.52 points. However, the credited experience will only be for one year, Shvets explained.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that from June 1, pensions, cost of living and the minimum wage have been increased by 10% in Russia.


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