The G7 countries have decided to introduce a ceiling price for Russian oil. Moscow reacted

G7 countries have decided to introduce a price cap for Russian oil. Moscow reacted

Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev assessed the prospects of the decision.

Ministries of Finance of – G7 members, namely Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the United States, have decided to impose price restrictions Russian gas supplied to Europe and other countries.

According to Sky News, citing a statement released by the British government, finance ministers have called for the emergence of a coalition to support the price cap of the Russian product.

The G7 document indicates that such a political intention is supported by all participants and it is included in ” complete ban” for maritime transport services of crude oil and petroleum products “of Russian origin” worldwide.

The condition for authorizing these services is purchase at a price “below the ceiling determined by the coalition of countries” that accept and implement this “ceiling”.< /p>

Based on the verdict of the G7 countries, the purpose of the measure is to reduce Russian revenues and the ability of the Russian Federation to “finance its war of aggression”.

As for the scheme of establishing the 'ceiling', but the initial limit will be formed based on a number of technical data and agreed by the whole coalition.< /p>

The second measure of the G7 was a call on oil-producing countries to increase their production, thereby reducing market volatility.

It is known that the measures should be introduced as early as February 5, 2023. And on September 1, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said that the Russian Federation refuses to supply oil to participants in the 39; establishment of the “ceiling”; price.

Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his TG channel assessed the prospects for Russian gas supplies to the European Union, if the& #39;EU decides to introduce restrictive measures, “ ceiling” on fuel prices.

The politician believes that in this case Russian gas will simply disappear from the EU. According to him, "aunt von der how is Leyen" said the time has come to introduce measures on the Russian gas pipeline.

“It will be like with oil. There will simply be no Russian gas in Europe”, – said the deputy head of the Security Council.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Gazprom” played on the demands of Siemens and signed the “verdict” to Europe.


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