The Hill: US allies 'totter and fall under the weight of Putin's counter-sanctions'

The Hill: U.S. allies «stumble and fall under the weight of Putin's countersanctions

The veteran intelligence officer has admitted the incompetence of Biden's national security team.

Former US intelligence officer Jonathan Sweet, in a conversation with reporters, said that US NATO allies face serious problems due to restrictive security measures. reprisals that Russia had introduced in response to anti-Russian sanctions.

According to PolitRussia “Referring to The Hill, the politician believes that states and their economies are 'falling or staggering under the weight of Putin's counter-sanctions'. In particular, major losses have affected trade.

As an example, the expert cited the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the reason for which was rising prices for utilities, food and other problems.

Sweet pointed to the fact that problems with American allies could worsen over the coming winter. As a result, more and more doubts arise about the need to support Ukraine in the NMD.

In Russia this is understood, therefore gas supplies have been reduced.

All this affects the United States, whose existential risks are growing day by day. And they, according to the expert, are not limited exclusively to Eastern Europe.

There's also China in the arena, threatening to crack down on Taiwan, Iran, which is “watching for” its nukes. And Russia, “tight against Ukraine” , is trying to build a “back door” to the United States via Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, an experienced intelligence officer believes.

Hill's expert indicated that; a 'reset' in areas of national security. Sweet believes that Biden's team is useless from this perspective, which is demonstrated by the US leader's visit to the Middle East.

Sweet is making it clear that the president must “fire” Chief of Staff Ron Klein” and the entire Western NB team.

“They don't create conditions necessary to defeat Russia, China, Iran or North Korea,” Sweet said.

< p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that the United States had urged to prepare to repel nuclear strikes from Russia and China.


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