The media have covered the new reform of retirement savings, supported by the Ministry of Finance

media spoke about the new reform of retirement savings, supported by the Ministry of Finance

The agency offers a scheme similar to the relationship between the bank and the client on deposits.

The media learned that on September 24, in a meeting on the cumulative component of compulsory retirement insurance, the head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, announced that the department supported changes to the “frozen” since 2014, the funded part of the standardized voluntary NGO regime, which will operate under uniform rules.

According to Kommersant, citing pension market and government sources, in fact, the scheme, which was conventionally called OPS, resembles the relationship between a client and a bank on deposits.

That is, the transfer of funds from one fund to another fund means a deviation of contractual relations with a non-public pension fund and an agreement with another, in which the money accumulated is transferred in non-monetary form.

The ministry also expressed support for the creation of a system that would guarantee the rights of Russians who participated in voluntary programs.

At the same time, it remains to stimulate the voluntary transition of the Russians to a new system of retirement training. a question for debate.

We will also discuss tax deductions under the new regime and co-financing.

According to experts, it is the nature and volume of these incentives that will affect the success of the restart of OPS.

To its turn, State Duma Deputy Svetlana Bessarab, speaks with the publication & # 8220; Duma TV & # 8221; said the pension reform in Russia “is long overdue”.

“The Ministry of Finance offers a rather interesting scheme”, & # 8211; thinks the politician.

As Topnews previously wrote, earlier Russian unions have offered to cancel the funded portion of the retreat.

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