The media made the top 20 most expensive apartments in Moscow with a total value of 46 billion

The media compiled the 20 most expensive apartments in Moscow with a total value of 46 billion

All housing was completed in 2021.

Vedomosti journalists found the owners of the 20 most expensive apartments in the capital, which were completed in 2021. Housing was valued at 46 billion rubles.

Experts have already noted that last year there had a real breakthrough in the cost of high-end housing in the capital.

The first place in the rating was taken by a penthouse in the residential complex “Prechistinka 13” , which was purchased for 2, 2 billion rubles. They belong to Olga Mikhelson, the full namesake of the second wife of the head of Novatek, Leonid Mikhelson.

Penthouse area of ​​1035 m². meters was formed after the connection of three apartments. These apartments belonged to the namesake of Leonid Mikhelson, according to journalists.

The second place was occupied by 3-storey apartments in the hotel building “Ukraine”. They can cost 1.7 billion rubles. Apartment with an area of ​​508 m². meters belongs to the namesake of the head of the company “Eurasia Company” Anvar Abdullayeva. He is also a relative of the widow of the former leader of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov.

And in third place is an apartment, the value of which can exceed 1.2 billion rubles. The accommodation is located in the residential complex “Garnet Palace” in the Presnensky district. The owner is the namesake of Dmitry Desyatnikov, co-owner of Paritet LLC and ex-husband of the Lyceum band soloist. They determined the market value of the apartments using data from real estate agencies.

Although some owners could not be identified, Rosreestr, citing a technical failure, provided empty statements.

Experts note that due to In response to increased demand for premium housing, the cost per square meter also fell from 955,000 rubles to 1.27 million rubles. This is almost a third more than in 2020.

By the way, the importance of houses, townhouses, suburban real estate , which is important during a pandemic, is increasing in Moscow. Such real estate emphasizes the status of the owner, according to realtors.

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