The media reported the impending EU surrender to Russia

Media reported impending surrender from EU before Russia

Turkish edition draws unexpected conclusion from anti-Russian sanctions.

Country – EU members may soon capitulate to Russia. The reason for this will be gas supply problems, according to media analysts.

The authors of the Turkish edition of Sabah believe that at present , the EU cannot find a valid solution to Europe's gas supply problems. This leads to the conclusion: “if you can't find a solution, then you give up.”

Journalists believe that such a defeat in the sanctions war will mean the overthrow of the Western system so far. there dominating.< /p>

At the same time, Europe cannot count on the help of the United States, because the results of the elections to the United States Congress are not yet summed up. The election of its members will not take place until November.

If the Republican Party wins, US aid to the EU could dry up. In this case, the European authorities will be left face to face in the fuel of chaos, writes the media.

It is clarified that even if the conservatives win, Washington is unable to meet the needs of European countries.

At the same time, Sabah notes that the Russian economy has held up to sanctions from Europe, which turned out to need gas more than Moscow needs EU money.

If the Russian Federation is able to find new fuel buyers, while the EU is struggling to find new full-fledged suppliers.


The authors believe that the The EU will not be able to find a solution either in the long or short term.

As Topnews wrote earlier, part of the EU is counting on energy aid from Norway, which has become a leader in gas supply to replace Russia. But in Oslo they are in no hurry to lower prices, preferring to take advantage of existing market prices.

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