The media talked about additional payments to Russians' pensions from October 1

The media talked about additional payments to pensions of Russians from October 1

Additional payments may vary depending on the subjects of the Russian Federation.

On the International Day of Older Persons, retirees in Russia will increase payments and increase benefits.

The holiday is traditionally celebrated on October 1st.

About possible additional payments writes & # 8220; First & # 8221; with reference to lawyer Alexei Gavrichev.

Additional payments, according to him, are set individually in each subject of our country. At the same time, in some constituent entities of the federation, the elderly can receive gifts, and in others & # 8211; pay money.

According to the human rights activist, as a rule, pensioners receive 5,000 rubles, and people over 70 can receive 15,000 rubles.

In general, the amount of payments depends on the welfare of the budget of this or that region.

The lawyer recalled that the salaries of military posts are increased by 3.7%. In addition, an increase in pensions for the military is expected.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the government had rejected the possibility of indexing pensions for active retirees.

The reason for the refusal is stated in the explanation of the Liberal Democratic Party, which initiated the legislative standard.

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