The Ministry of Finance did not support the ban on cryptocurrencies

The Ministry of Finance does not ;didn't support banning cryptocurrency

Experts believe that such a move will set the country back.

Head of the Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ivan Chebeskov, explained to the media that he is against a total ban on the cryptocurrency market in Russia.

In an interview with RBC journalists, he told what to talk about a ban on a new type of money & #8211; it means not understanding what it is.

The analyst quoted the statement of the founder of the Binance crypto exchange, Changpeng Zhao, who said that the majority looked at this resource extremely narrowly. So they forget about NFT, DeFi technologies, Chebeskov noted.

In such a situation, he “does not know how to talk about a ban”, because the Russian authorities cannot simply veto mining, otherwise the country will begin to lag behind in the field. of technology.

But it is possible and necessary to regulate mining and crypto circulation, this “will protect the citizens”, the analyst believes. On the contrary, in case of “taboo” Russian citizens will find themselves with currencies “face to face”.

As Topnews wrote earlier, on January 20, the Central Bank published a report proposing to completely ban the circulation and mining of cryptocurrency in Russia.

Analysts have called the reason for the risks that these funds create for the stability of the ruble.

In response to the publication, Bloomberg suggested that the Russian regulator was “in a hurry” FSB.

Thus, the department wanted to block access to financial resources of “undesirable” organizations, according to media reports.

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