The Ministry of Finance has proposed to increase insurance premiums for wages above 122,000 rubles per month

 The Ministry of Finance has proposed to increase the insurance premiums for wages above 122,000 rubles per month

In total, the adjustment of the tax system includes nine measures.

The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes to increase insurance premiums for salaries exceeding 122,000 rubles per month.

As Forbes clarified, this is a measure proposed by the Budget Committee Department to increase tax revenue to the Treasury by increasing the collection of dues.

Recall that at present the employer takes 22% of the salaries of the employees of the FIU. This continues until the cumulative amount reaches 1.46 million rubles.

After exceeding this threshold, the rate is reduced to 10%.

The innovation, according to the calculations of analysts from the Ministry of Finance, is able to give the country's budget an additional 16 billion rubles next year, as well as 45 billion & # 8211; in 2024. The publication clarifies that the height of the new threshold is unknown.

Additionally, according to Forbes, the agency intends to introduce new rules for calculating property tax at a price of more than 500 million rubles. He wants to tax the owners of such property at 0.3%.

For the moment, the rate is differentiated. For example, for dwellings and garages, it is 0.1%. With the increase and unification of the rate, the budget can receive an additional 50 billion rubles every year.

As part of the tax readjustment, the department, in total, has proposed nine measures, including an increase in excise alcohol taxes from next year by 10%.

Earlier, Topnews reported that State Duma MK Rashkin said the department was secretly preparing a new pension reform.


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