The Ministry of Labor announced when retirees would start paying 10,000 rubles

The Ministry of Labor has learned when retirees will receive 10,000 rubles each

We have learned when retirees in Russia will receive a lump sum.

The head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov indicated when a lump sum payment will be transferred to pensioners of the Russian Federation.

Recall that the size of the & # 8220; presidential & # 8221; the payment is 10,000 rubles.

Kotyakov said that 30.7 million pensioners will receive 10,000 rubles each on a bank card. This will happen before the end of next week.

An additional 12.7 million people who are brought in in person will start receiving a lump sum from September 3.

As TopNews wrote, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that Russian retirees must make one-off payments.

According to him, this decision is due to the fact that the increase in payments of one thousand rubles is offset by inflation, which is felt hard by the elderly.

The decree on one-off payments was signed by Putin on August 24, 2021.

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