Urals authorities ready to consider ban on sale of alcohol without QR codes

Authorities in the Urals are ready to consider a ban on the sale of alcohol without QR codes

A local restaurateur has proposed the initiative.

Ural restaurateur Evgeny Uryupin offered to introduce a QR code system in the Sverdlovsk region for the purchase of alcohol. The restaurateur is outraged by the coronavirus restrictions in establishments and their lack in stores.

On his Instagram page, Uryupin suggested that such a measure would be far more effective than codes in public catering.

After that, the authorities in Sverdlovsk took the floor. The headquarters are ready to consider such an initiative, the authorities have indicated that they are monitoring any changes in the market and are ready to discuss such a step with representatives of the business community.

The entrepreneurs themselves were shocked by such an initiative.

According to the e1.ru portal, grocery store owners are convinced that vaccination certificates in liquor stores will complicate life and create a queue.

Some businessmen have been more severe in their assessment: Uryupin simply “put a pig on his colleagues.” “

Many are sure that not only large supermarkets will suffer, but also small outlets. Such proposals were linked to the restaurateur's desire to force citizens to get vaccinated more quickly.

“We still have conflicts over masks, and you now propose to check QR codes further?” “, & # 8211; businessmen are indignant.

At the same time, Russians will find out how to get alcohol without a QR code – relatives will start buying, couriers will work.

watch out for public transport, where all the rules are most often broken.

As Topnews wrote earlier, insiders report that in 2022 Russia may enter QR codes to enter public transport, shops and cafes.

The compulsory coronavirus vaccination will also begin to be checked upon entering the plane.

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