WSJ: China's Lenovo and Xiaomi quietly scale back Russian operations to avoid sanctions

WSJ: Chinese Lenovo and Xiaomi tacitly shut down Russian operations to avoid sanctions

companies are still on the move.

Many Chinese OEMs stop working in the Russian market. The reason is the pressure of US sanctions.

According to a Wall Street Journal columnist, Chinese IT companies do not officially announce their withdrawal from Russia, but in fact they are reducing the supply of products to the Russian Federation.

The list of these companies already includes Lenovo Group Ltd. and Xiaomi Corp.

Despite calls from Chinese authorities not to succumb to Western influence, led by the United States, Chinese companies are still following their lead.< /p>

It is known that equipment suppliers of Chinese companies have put forward the obligation not to supply goods with microcircuits produced by them to the Russian Federation, threatening to take appropriate measures in case of violation of the requirements. For example, log out of the software.

As a result, already in March, according to the publication, Lenovo stopped shipments of its products to the Russian Federation.

Products Xiaomi have completely halted shipments only in the past two weeks, although there was some reduction in volumes earlier.

But drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co has officially announced the suspension of the supply of products and activities in Russia and Ukraine.< /p>

Accusations of the company's address regarding the alleged supply of equipment for the #39;Russian special operation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that China called Russia's toughest response to Western sanctions.

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