Zelensky's adviser called the shocking amount needed to restore Ukraine

Advisor Zelensky called the shocking amount needed to restore Ukraine

Comment was given by Oleg Ustenko.

According to Oleg Ustenko, economic adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the country will need a colossal sum to restore the economy and infrastructure.

Around a trillion dollars will be necessary for these purposes.

He estimated Ukraine's direct losses from the NWO at $650 billion.

If we add indirect damage to this figure, the amount will increase by $1 trillion.

< blockquote>

“We need those amounts&#8221 ;, – he said on television.

< p>He estimated this amount at five annual GDP of Ukraine, noting that in 2021 this figure amounted to a maximum of 200 billion dollars.

Currently, Kyiv receives about $5 billion in grants each month.

Before that, Zelensky cited the $600 billion needed to restore Ukraine's economy and infrastructure.< /p>

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the representative Zelensky announced his desire to return Crimea by military means.

It turns out that Kyiv has changed its approach of the question of the return of the peninsula.

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